Monday, April 14, 2008

love's invitation

I came in wilted from exhaustion. Not the good kind from a great day of working in the yard but the kind where you’ve just blown it, your behind in five projects at work and people are waiting, your selfishness has reared it ugly head, resulting in shame, and you know that there are a dozen more things at home that need your attention, not to mention your wife and children who are hoping for the arrival of their caring man to walk in the door.

It is when I am deflated like this that love seems hardest to grasp – that drawing near to God seems insurmountable. But through such times God often mercifully tends to me and I learn something new and find his presence a greater refuge. And few have been a more powerful instrument of God’s tangible love to me than the love of my wife.

When I am beaten down, often even by my own doing, I find Janel’s love a refuge of grace and tenderness. Forgiving much and hoping much, she manages to respect me even when I least respect myself. She heals my hurt with her listening. She speaks timely truth with gentleness. She remains even when I push and attends respectfully even when I withdraw. She forgives when I slight. She comforts me. And when I am enthusiastic, she joins me there with authenticity and joy, often leading the way.

Janel’s love is not merely an example of the love of God, but I believe an actual outpouring of God’s tangible, tender, care for me and an intimate invitation into His presence. There is nothing like love’s invitation to lead you into God’s presence. I consider nothing greater than to delight in God and to bring him glory. I delight in God deeply through the love of my wife.


Anonymous said...

Man, do I feel like an eight-cow wife!! (If you're reading this, see

I cherish you. Love, me

Gary said...

Man. What transparency! I think we all feel like this. Most will never let that door of their life open. Glad you're in my life. GB